Release date: Jun 04, 2012

Find zTrip at: https://www.ztrip.com/Default.aspx


Getting you a black car or taxi, fast. You can book for now, for later today, or for later this week! If you book now, our Taxi Application shows you where the closest cars are located so you can be picked up in minutes.

Payment is easy - we'll charge the credit card you have on file with us. Our service is backed by over 25 years of trusted customer support and professionally licensed and insured drivers. With zTrip, you can expect a great ride.



The “Ride Now” on-demand feature is available in select markets, and the “Ride Later” feature is available in more than 70 airports served by ExecuCar nationwide. zTrip features:
• Book a black car or taxi. Now or later
• Map showing where your car is in real time
• GPS that recognizes your location
• 24/7 customer support
• Dispatching that gets you the nearest car
• Text message updates
• Secure, hassle-free payment
• In-app cancellation

Languages: Objective-C, Android, PHP, Mysql.